The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

11th June 2019

a house filled with feral zombie dogs. had to make my way through there with a sense
of vague urgency and there was somebody making weird long snakelike abominations that were
purple and other colours and were made of various animals. the abominations were taxidermied but weren't like,
just a bunch of animals stitched together they were previously alive like that.
one was in a suitcase and seemed to be in the my little pony artstyle. hatsune miku was involved in some way.
i THINK she was making the abominations but im not sure.

after leaving this house, abby philosophytube showed me a tweet of wooloo in a concrete space
that my brain is telling me is the place next to dickys tiles in halifax.
presumably because the barren concrete space there has always weirded me out.

abby was lit in bright red lighting but nothing else was.

this is all that i can remember.
how are these connected?


really feels like my brain was just throwing everything at the wall last night
i woke up vaguely confused

- Luca

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