The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

30th August 2019

Film dream: Final Destination + Halloween Characters are in like a store,
they get murked, but it's revealed to be a different timeline? Characters are getting stalked by Michael Myers
until they meet Laurie Strode who helps them try kick Michael's ass, eventually they go to find Laurie's thought-to-be-dead twin sister?
And also Michael is recanonised as her brother.

They go out into the street and Laurie's Twin and another character immediately get hit by a bus and die.
Eventually they wander into like, down-town? And someone mentions the villain from Ant-Man killing half of San Fransisco's population? So that's wild.
Evenutally one guy (who has a flare gun?) wanders into a house full of Old People, Weird Machines and Michael.
It's revealed that these old people (and Michael) are using these machines to go into their past bodies
and create new timelines, they all just go into their machines and leave the guy just sitting there.
He grabs a bynch of alcohol and pours it everywhere, and lights it up with the flare gun, burning the house down and killing all the evil old people and Michael.

Also Michael Myers is like, an embodiment of the fear of men?

The dream wasn't "I'm in the movie", it was me watching the movie.

- Sam

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