The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

28th September 2019

Two Dreams, Both Pokemon Related.

Dream #1
Playing pokemon go while trying to escape the villains from sonic underground (?).
they had added ultra wormholes which literally let you warp to different irl locations.
i had a whole real audino with me. i was in a foreign outdoor market.
someone had to ride a pushbike down a set of really fucking steep stairs in a jungle

Dream #2
somebody was harvesting bodies. they had a maractus (who was not super into the whole murder thing).

i very specifically remember the line "maractus, get the bodies."

ash ketchum found out about this and went full vigilante justice on them.
i dont know the specifics i just know that he was extremely pissed about using a pokemon as an accessory for murder.

- Luca

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