The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

4th January 2020

it started off with me in a toy store, and a Jigsaw-esque voice came over the announcements and told us to grab something and hide.

So naturally I grabbed what I think was Lego and went to the Car Dealership portion of the toy store to hide in a car
When I entered this car it was more or less a hollow room with someone else inside.
I don't remember who that was but Alex Jones eventually showed up and then left after I threatened him
Eventually the car-room like, had a door in it that lead into a series of puzzle rooms, and more people started joining me and the other one.

Eventually we had to make like, personalized boxes to hold things in?
Then a clown showed up and painted over mine so I beat him up and remade the box
Also I fell of a ledge at one point and like, fakeout died for a lil bit

Eventually my team (3 other people I do not remember) entered a room that was more or less a battlefield and we had to fight until all the enemies were dead.
Also I think like 2 of my teammates died

After that we knew the next room was the final boss,
so we held off on that to go into a side room which led to a fucking valley with a party in it hosted by Snoop Dogg

I revived my teammates and also two enemies from the battlefield but they were chill and that's where it ended

- Sam

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