The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

5th January 2020

Started out as one of those ones where I was not the Protagonist but then became it.
Instead all I can recall was Homestuck Highschool AU except Ali is there and bewildered (congrats to Ali I very rarely dream about OCS)
and Vanitas Kingdomhearts was also there and everyone was bullying him. I believe he died midway through this dream.

Then it transitioned to me having to do a maths paper with like lichterally only 4 questions but I couldn't finish them in time
because I had been handed a laptop that kept playing videos full blast no matter how many times I tried to turn the volume down
which feels like a very pointed Freudian metaphor for something

Also the maths paper just had shit like "throh's BST" written in place of some numbers so you had to look shit up
and I recall me and my fictional classmate having a good ol' "????? How are we supposed to know that", which again, pointed metaphor.

- Luca

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