The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

2nd February 2020

a new episode of su future had come out without much fanfare so i watched it.
started out with steven and connie on a fun adventure they were just chillin it was fine.
they get attacked by a monster and connie just straight fucking dies.
steven manages to hold it together and not snap, then there's a timeskip of presumably a few months.

steven is walking through a night market somewhere with a wholeass anthropomoprhic cat man.
there is a weird amount of romantic tension. (dream me finds this whole thing a weird direction to take the series)

the cat man points out that connie isnt dead since you can read it at the ticker at the bottom of the screen.
steven is made aware of the fourth wall and looks to be about to lose it
then my video stream buffers so long and so badly that i evidently just went for a fuckin walk.

during this walk i end up in a muddy field with a steep incline on either side. I am on one incline.
People playing a "sport" are on the other. the "sport" involved running down the incline, scrambling back up it on all fours since its that steep.
then they tore hunks of mud out of the ground and flung it. Dream me watched somewhat bewildered.

AT SOME POINT during the dream, I cannot figure out where this would go chronologically,
I discuss the episode with someone who had managed to watch the end of it.
by the sounds of it it goes completely buck wild and shows flashbacks to earlier episodes pointing out where stevens "dark powers" manifest.
they express that its a weird way to end the series.
I express that "wait there should be at least 9 more episodes that was only episode 11". they agree with me. they however seem pleased at the episode overall.

- Luca

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