The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd February 2020

i purchasd a machine specifically to cook fish, and put it in my room

the machine did this by spinning the fish around a lot like a washing machine
i put in like 20 shitty small fish (that dream me remarked i had caught Last Year On A Fishing Trip)
i cooked it but opened the door early so it just flung fish around the room. a bunch landed on my clean laundry.

i went around sadly picking up bits of fish. I ate like one or two that had landed on clean surfaces and it was mushy but edible.
dream me then remembered these are a year old and therefore would definitely kill me. i stop eating the fish

i ask what the fuck do do with these fish and you fuckers (now physically in the room with me) suggest we throw them as far out the window as possible.
Sam feebly slingshots one and we all watch it slowly flutter down to a backyard one over.

there are people sitting in the yard at a shitty white lawn table and chairs. they are a k-pop group. they smile and wave at us politely.
we feel bad for throwing fish at them.

- Luca

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