The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

4th February 2020

id say tonights dream is simple but that is merely because its contents were indescribable detail-wise

short summary: homestuck2 updated and the entire update was 2 tik toks of somebody wiggling bits of plastic around on a table slightly out of focus.
and a flash game about fucking but in a very surreal sense. people were understandably completely fucking bewildered and enraged.

long summary: ?????????????? i woke up and it felt like my brain had been put in a fucking blender

i guess the gist was:
homestuck2: heres a flash game about the mortifying horror of intimacy feat. jake english
homestuck twitter, understandably: what the fuck
dream me: what the FUCK

it did specifically contain jake english though i literally cannot discern which strider it involved

- Luca

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