The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

16th February 2020

anyway ive come down with something which explains the amount to which i was out like a light until like only an hour ago and also the feverdream

-was in some kind of weird dystopia where the world was fucked but someone had built a big ol tower to try keep everyone safe.
no malice they were just trying their best.

-enemy faction was trying to assassinate the lead guy.
leader of this faction was some weird mimeish fucker who looked a bit like joka from klonoa and had funnee accordion arms and was armed with poison darts

-chosen weapon was basically a living furby with a poison tipped beak who was real fuckin weird and an absolute bitch.
somehow it was capable of being eye level with us so it must have had some kind of humanoid body.

-saved The Guy (literally he had no character besides being a nice dude) by snapping the furbies whole ass beak off.
this did not stop it talking.
it decided the way it was going to plead for its life was to be real horny for the guy.

-managed to diffuse the situation by pretending to be their prisoner and the guy being like "yep i share your feelings uh huh yeah",
uniting the two factions in a ballroom and then just fucking cold clocking the mime.

i believed this solved the problem

so i deffo have an illness right about now

- Luca

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