The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

15th April 2020

hey gang had a dream

ive had this dream before just never noted down, so i think in the dream canon im in a time loop. this time i got further than i had before
i dont remember what my goal is. all i remember is i really wanted my bird.
but in the first house i was in there were a few adjacent room setups kind of like a museum exhibit
because the dude who owned the house was really rich despite being washed up, he was a novelist

i came in and grabbed a hammer off the floor (from the same place it always was) and started smashing through the displays on the walls until i reached the frog.
there was something with the frog i needed, but i dont remember. i also forgot to feed the frog this time around.

then, i went to the bird exhibit around the corner, despite not really needing it for my goal. i remember the glass was ridiculously thick this time.
despite the ease at which i broke through the other exhibits, it took multiple hits to even put a dent in the glass.
i passed off the hammer to someone else and went back to talk to the dude, because there was a final part to the puzzle that involved his secret liquor bar
(with a codeword/remote button his little living room space flipped to reveal an alcoholics den)

i dont remember much after that but we were out of the house
i was out of the house. i left by myself.
i went to talk to 3 people sitting inside an abandoned building, in order.
i did it very fast because i had already seen their dialogue before, in a previous loop
3 people were sitting inside on seats, and one was just outside talking to two other people. i didnt even step out to talk to her. i just initiated from the broken window

was it broken? it was just missing.

anyway. after that there's another gap in my memory, but i biked over to a techy ally's house (i know they were an ally but they didnt know me).
they were another relatively powerful person, who was skilled in some sort of technology field.
they tried to show me a presentation and i predicted what would come onscreen semi-perfectly (i got some results kind of wrong, but they were in the same general 'area').
the area where they were presenting this to me on was a window, a couch in front of the window (where we were sitting),
a coffee table, and a fireplace with a large flatscreen tv on it

they reluctantly believed me after i told them i'd done this before and agreed to help, but before they could open the fireplace another woman showed up
she was dressed in a white uniform. kind of sci-fi.
i knew she wasn't alone, but everyone else was outside.
she thanked me for leading her here and tried to take something from me, but i knew i needed that thing for my goal so i ran.
i remember feeling guilty about leading people to my ally's house. outside i went absolutely apeshit on the woman's henchman, then sprinted away.
there's more after that but it's not coherent.

i feel bad. i always feed the frog but i broke the windows out of order this time
so i didnt have the bugs to feed it with

- Cecilia

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