The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

16th April 2020

I was playing a new pokemon game which was apparantly very easily hacked/broken,
theres a mission at the beginning where your asked to bring back x amount of pokemon but its very easy to get pokemon your not supposed to at that point

i dont remember how its gotten but i got a bunch and if you do that
it mysteriously sets your progress into being into the postgame now because the next town you visit triggers a postgame event

the event if your ingame brother giving you hoenn starter which are all supposed to be level 5
but getting those early pokemon also manipulates those levels and both the torchic and the mudkip were like nearly level 70 while treecko was still level 5
i picked the torchic and it immediately evolved into a blaziken

anyway something happened from then and the next thing but you could transfer in pokemon from pokemon home
which is weird because i vividly remember this not being on a switch,
but anyway the sequence to do this literally involves a massive minecart riding cutscene through locations resembling all of the previous regions

and then you have to fight a boss to get your pokemon. the boss is a giant steelix with onix faces all over its body
and you have to shoot all the onix faces with bombs or something??? it was very legend of zelda. i woke up halfway through that boss fight.

the getting to theboss cutscene was insanely long like all the areas you go through is just a cutscene you cant interact with.
i only remember up to gen 6 because i legit got bored in the dream and stopped paying attention

another thing that made me go hm is that when you enter the boss room the boss had a heracross head but it turns back into a steelix once the actual fight starts

absolutely fucking facsinated with this fake pokemon game
an npc in the beginning town had a rayquaza just hanging around them

- Pearl

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