The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

17th April 2020

sonic game tied to the movie came out and was literally so unfinished that the majority of the levels were just geometry with a flat grey checkerboard texture.
I remember us all reacting to it like "huh they really were hurting for time on this one... gameplay's fun though."

then, i went to a school library to do either vague research or literally i think make a Better Sonic Game?
Sam was with me because thats who my brain says id do some batshit project with bc. yeah.

It was specifically the library from my highschool, and we were there at like 4pm so they were trying to get us to leave within the half hour.
The thing was, even without the books we aquired, we had both brought way too much extraneous shit in our bags,
and also weren't able to finish the food we had literally brought into the library like animals, so it was just like.
trying to fit books, a bunch of bullshit, and some half eaten food in tupperware into pretty small shoulderbags
and then attempting to leave before they actually got mad because while they were clearly annoyed they were still trying to be polite.

random note: things found on library shelves included,
a darkrai card,
some of my old sketchbooks somehow,
several ancient looking tomes that were just full of photographs of zebras,
and a large paperweight in the shape of a diamond that we were annoyed at finding specifically because we were apparently also looking for the literal real white chaos emerald.

- Luca

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