The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

21st April 2020

had a dream i booted up animal crossing new leaf after forever.
my town was peaceful, it looked like a wild world town. however, i only had two villagers: chadder (whom i visited first) and this new villager named nuriel,
who apparently was considering moving out (something chadder informed me with great annoyance).

so, naturally, i decided i wanted to head over to nuriel's to say hi and talk them out of it.
i exited chadder's home and started my journey.

now, to get to chadder's house all i really had to do was get across the river.
this was easier said than done, though, because there was a windstorm happening and i had to actively fight against the wind to move to the left of the screen.
i even pulled out an umbrella at some point (the spider web one), which proceeded to immediately turn inside out.
when i reached the river, i also had two bridges right next to each other on a bend that looked very strange. i remember thinking to myself "i should fix that later".

when I reached nuriel's home, i immediately headed in. it was an empty room, brown hardwood floor and some brown-ish wall. nuriel themselves was a pale-furred squirrel,
sort of icy colored (i think) with a tuft of fur on their head and a perpetually surprised look. buck teeth, too.
i remember they were pretty chill. i'm referring to them with 'they', but i think they went by 'he'. i don't remember for sure.

the one piece of furniture nuriel had in his house was a strange booth-like table set up against his back wall, with two hard wooden chairs and a large table in the middle.
if you had to ask me what it looked like the one word that comes to mind for some reason is beergarden.

- Cecilia

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