The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

4th May 2020

dream time: i'm reciting this from a voice recording i made several hours ago while in bed

The dream featured several people I know IRL from uni and also just one other friend of mine who had no reason to be there,
since the conceit of the dream was that I was Returning to Uni and the first like, day of Uni was some kind of employability fortnight type task.
Anyway I hadn't brought any stationary, how embarrassing.

So I was put into a group and given a task. The task was to remake the GBA crash bandicoot games for the modern era (?).
Evidently we fuckin failed at that task because we instead decided that we were going to write a song about a sad whale.

In order to do this we built a whole weather forecast ai, and were like "fuck yes, its sunny today so the whale is sad because there's no water,
but tomorrow its going to rain so we can do the second bit of our song where it's happy. we are artistic fucking geniuses"

some extremely cartoonish nerd type asked if he could look at our weather ai and we were like, sure.
then he immediately began sabotaging it by having his team Change The Weather(??) by literally wringing out rainclouds like towels.

My team was like "YOU CANT DO THAT WE NEED TO PERFORM OUR COOL SONG" so we just like
mercilessly beat the shit out of them? Just extremely violently.
Other groups began to crowd around to see the commotion, and after we won there was a general sense of stoic respect for us, and everyone went back to working, including us.

- Luca

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