The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

5th May 2020

Cha boy had a weird fucking dream
It was in like 3 parts so it's easy to break down
1). I was playing a "game" that had a weird combination of Aperture Science and the SCP foundation in aesthetics,
you had to track down and either help imprison or let escape weird paranormal prisoners. The game had two endings,
one where you just leave the facility (the good end) and the bad end, where you follow like, the ghost of a maintenance man?
And it's then revealed that your player character murdered their coworkers.

2). I was on the southern tip of the globe, a weird mix of both Antarctica and Australia.
There were like, Fire Lookouts but for the Ocean, and one guy had a "radical plan" to place more in this weird "unexplored" bit of the ocean.
I swam out there and there was standard fucked up deep ocean stuff

3). Someone forced me to crawl barefoot down my gravel driveway and across the street for an unclear reason. Several Beastars characters were there

- Sam

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