The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

8th May 2020

had a dream and i think ive come up with the new hit pg-13 rated horror movie plot

it wasnt a nightmare bc it wasnt fuckin scary but

group of people at a wedding esque family gathering all get psychically paralysed by this weird monster and a few manage to shake it off and fucking scatter,
running off into town/car park/fields, being like "oh fuck its the monster"

the monster is blind, but can see using an unconventional method

every 10 seconds or so, a scribble of your hair colour is projected onto whatever surface your head is nearest, and if the colour is different,
the monster can tell where you are, seeimingly no matter how far away you are from it once it's targeted you.

the group the dream was following had 2 people with brown hair and one person with light blue dyed hair.
the 2 brown haired people were nice enough to not just ditch this person that makes them very easy to track but instead figure out that if you are in dark enough light,
even light hair looks dark. because you can't see it.

its presently mid-day out so good luck with that, so they brainstorm ideas on where to hide their blue haired friend,
deciding against "forest" since its unlikely they'd find a dark enough place,
and instead break into a car so they can just hide their head under the car seat because cars cast at least some shadows.

their long term plan is to find a way to cut blue's hair off, since they have dark roots and could then just use that instead.

whether or not being bald makes you immune to this is not brought up
but i think that would make a great "sacrifice the characters make in order to defeat the monster" for a movie aimed at teens.
it's perfectly low stakes.

- Luca

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