The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th May 2020

i was at a fair with a bunch of people i knew and 2 friends (one who i cant identify, one was my brother tho). my mom was manning one food truck thing, my aunt was at another.
something something fried cheese whatever we were being given was really good and had fried cheese on it

so i got one from my mom and chatted with her before going to talk to my aunt
and each truck had like multiple people serving from it for the record, and the truck that my aunt was serving from had a little sticker on the window.
something something prevent child abuse.

aaaaand my brain thought "hm you know what would be in character for every single boy at your high school? ripping stickers off of windows."
so i spent the rest of the fair yelling at idiots trying to rip the sticker off the window, including when things were winding down and everyone was packing up.

at some point, the windows shifted, so i lost track of what exactly i was protecting
so when the guy who owned the truck came up to me i explained i was making sure nobody touched the sticker and he went ":) thanks" and got in his car
(it was Smaller now for whatever reason probably bc ive never seen a food truck in motion) and when i turned around to look it was just a little sticker of him and his family

i remember he was tall and dark-skinned n had a buzzed head. nice dude

- Cecilia

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