The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

7th June 2020

ya'll i had a weird fucking dream last night
nightmare??? it was a abt a horror game

like it was pixel horror game w/ five chapters and i saw everything from chapters 1-4
first chapter was super uneventful but it was bout a man and his dog looking for someone, i know it was a young girl, i think they were like. the daughter of his relative?
there was nothing really horror about chapter 1 besides it being very dark everywhere

chapter 2 was really short after he finds the girl, they all go into an underground bunker and she also has a dog, and the 2 dogs get aggressive at eachother,
and the guys dogs collar starts breaking and this guy just tries to take the collar off from a distance by pulling it off with the lead??
anyway the collar literally comes up and just rips the skin off the head of the dog.
its not detailed but like one moment theres a dog and then you've just got a dog skull that just has the ears totally intact for some reason.
i specifically remember thinking "oh thats actually really good looking" with the art on the skull

chapter 3 i dont remember much, i just know the man and the girl go outside the bunker and something happened to the girl that really freaked me out,
but i dont remember what rip, but the second half of that bit was just the guy walking back the way he came and right at the beginning of the area is a very
small underground area like 2 tiles down from the top and you have to repeatedly jump on the tiles above to get down there.
at some point during jumping the guy starts bleeding so rip his bones i guess

after you get down there it hard cuts to chapter 4 where your mysteriously inside a house.
specific things i remember is that there was a kitchen area, a bedroom and an area that had nothing in at the time.
the "music" was just a distorted womans voice telling you to go get apples, something to do with the girls death in chapter 3 was on the bed
and there was a giant picture of a women with parts ripped off the photo to reveal skeletal bits underneath

anyway he got apples and then suddenly there is a mini-gallery in the empty area,
when you walk in there a young girl runs psat (different to girl who died earlier) and the mans head enlarges and he looks very happy about something,
jumps over the stairs to the gallery area and i remeber thinking "oh hes going to smack in the floor and die" but i never saw that because i woke up before he hit the floor, rip.

just a weirdly detailed dream

- Pearl

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