The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

7th June 2020

started off as a bad dr who anniversary special (ie. a bunch of different doctors interacting), where they open a rift in space and it ends up in a room of a fancy house.
they decide to just board up the room by leaning 1 big plywood board on the wall the door is on.

we were in this house trying to solve a mystery and all of the rich inhabitants were making it hard for us (except 2 kids and a maid),
and we were like "well the last place we saw the missing woman was apparently room 930, but we can't find room 930."

we almost manage to clock on that that room has been boarded up (very poorly might I add) when the two kids,
who now both look like skull kids from zelda but with pink and blue beaks (respective to their genders, of course)
lead us down into the basement that is straight up a zelda dungeon.

they begin to look demonic and walk up to a pedestal and we all go "ohhhh of course, this is that bossfight in majoras mask. lol how could we be so stupid",
and go into our inventories to equip 2 massive red and blue boomerangs each.
I spend literally 30 seconds fumbling in my inventory because i keep misclicking.

we all spam boomerang and win, then climb up a big golden idol where we get to choose prizes that all seemed to be line-sticker style emotes(?).
I chose one that said "hot mom alert" next to a picture of a dragon lady because i found it very funny. then we exited the dungeon into hyrule field.

i dont think we solved the mystery.

- Luca

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