The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

20th June 2020

ya'll i just realized ive bene having a reoccuring dream for like, years and it has never clicked with me despite every day i had the dream i remember finding it familiar
its inside a building without windows
idk its just weird. its like a giant 4-5 story building where all the rooms are kinda creepy? like weird arg shit.

i dont remember what a majority of the rooms where but i remember there was a section on one floor
with the walls and floors were covered in wallpaper/flooring that moved like a gif.
but then it stopped later mysteriously

also a very specfic section that was just straight up a crossover between two games.
it wasnt even creepy just kinda frustrating becuase it was hard LNASFJSDMFKL
just remember having this dream alot but theres always some new rooms every single time

other things i remember
- some connection to joel vinesauce overrall
- room that is like the only one with a window but it was probably fake because it was very brightly lit.
pretty sure it just had a bed, a tv and a games console. something was on the tv (not a show, like a webpage) but i dont remember what
- this was the first time i had other people w/ me in the dream
- remember there was a point me and someone else convinced a third person to go up to the top floor and then abandoned them at the top but again i dont remember why

also the crossover was splatoon and metal gear solid.
that sounds like it could be cool but the reality was is that you are an inkling and you have to go kill solid snake.

- Pearl

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