The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

30th July 2020

had a dream where it started as minecraft survival games but of course it was In Real

to make a long story about running and hiding short eventually i had full diamond tools but no armor (which is a powermove i think)
and i had made my way over to a house by the back of the map.
there there were two people watching a weird donkey-lookin' horse run circles around over and over in a panic,
which freaked me out a little but they weren't attacking me so i approached.

(one thing to note before i move on is that the way i collected food was opening chests, looking for edibles,
and just fucking grabbing as much as i could with my hands and (presumably) stuffing it all in my pockets)

they were trying to catch the horse, so i tried a couple of times and eventually fcaught it and calmed it down-
after i started trying to catch it, it got exhausted and laid down on its side, after which i was able to pet it.
delighted, everyone went inside, and i was able to follow. from there i took shelter in the house for a few days, and the two people
(one was kind of like a black cat and one was nondescript lighter-colored humanoid) welcomed me to stay with them. and it was safe!
so i suggested to them that we just forget the minecraft thing and stay there, which they agreed with.

the horse just kinda hung out outside/in the front rooms with another animal i never really got to see

then, one night, we realized something was trying to kill us.
it couldn't see, though, and operated based on sound, so we huddled frozen in the big destroyed back room and held our breath and threw objects to lure it away each time it came in.

when morning came, though, it turns out it was all a ploy for my two cool friends to host me a birthday party in the barn outside, which was great and cool!!!!
a lot of people were there n i got to give a tearful speech about how happy i was. also 3 midnight crew lookin guys were there?
they actually wanted to kill me lol. n they got mad about me not mentioning them

because they were the ones that organized the bday party
also my brain had a big exposition moment where it explained the exact mechanics of how they could kill me and the circumstances, like a vibeogame bit i remember is "if someone is injured [nebulous implication of myself] will go and hide" or something like that
im pretty sure the midnight crew wanted to kill me because they organized the party n got mad about me not mentioning them
but in the dream they werent my friends just kind of a group that my two cool friends hired
also i was really really sad to the point of tears that my brother wasn't there with me which was realistic and also why i didnt mention the midnight crew at all

- Cecilia

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