The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

31st July 2020

hey gang had a dream that i worked at a freddy's but instead of a restaurant it was a party city type store

the front room was massive with a bunch of shelves and stuff but the back was clearly like some left-over stuff from a mansion or a much fancier store.
most notably there was a big wooden staircase that led up to a carpeted sitting area.
i say mansion or fancier store but library is also a good comparison.
and there was a door in the back that led to a smaller secret set of stairs going down and also into the much smaller restricted areas.

also i killed people and i got caught bc they opened the breakroom fridge and saw like cookie dough ice cream n shit
and they went "oh it was you" even though i DIDNT PUT IT THERE and it was EXPIRED anyway

also freddy n gang were still there they just...were inoperable. i dont think they had endoskeletons, just suits

- Cecilia

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