The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

27th August 2020

oh right i had a dream:
in this dream. I was scott the woz.
I was playing future-VR where you can feel everything and control it with ur mind and shit... uh fortnite
Immediately got less excited upon dropping into the game I realised that the feeling of being killed probs sucks
and after getting a rapier from the weapons pile i realised i was a target because i WAS a youtuber.

I kinda apathetically escaped a bunch of people chasing me, and for the entire game hid under a giant novelty beach chair with someone else who realised pain would be real in this.
and i got bored sitting there for like. an hour.
so i just let the person next to me slit my throat and we both just kinda sat there awkwardly till i game overed and died.

- Luca

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