The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

10th September 2020

Had a very convoluted dream about some dude pulling a willy wonka esque murdering kids thing but in a big mansion.

Turns out the mansion was haunted because after the family dog died they tried to bury it on the fucking moon by
burying it in a small cottage in the yard they tried to rocket up there with gunpowder.

They accidentally killed the cat while doing this and the whole family turned on each other. Like. The adult son
of the family trying to shoot his old rich dad and his barber brother levels of fallout

The pov character was the youngest daughter of these guys who was like 8 at the time of the incident, and was now
a witch and she entered the weird murder game to try and put the spirits to rest.

The old man didn't kill the other contestants he just vivisected them in a very gross way that may as well have killed them

The curse was lifted by the 3 survivors, the POV, her best friend who was also a witch (who she confessed her obvious love
for during one of the many murder traps in this mansion), and a gruff stoic adult man. And also a suspiciously competent cat.

They collapse the whole mansion by destroying its foundations, killing the old man and the vivisected kids. Then they do a
witchy spell on the collapsed roof that shows a ghost image of the events that started the whole thing, and the suspiciously
competent cat is revealed to be the ghost of the family cat

- Luca

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