The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

7th October 2020

hey gamers i had a dream and now im thinking i imagined an entire-ass trope specifically to make myself cry because
i cant remember any actual real-life instances of this happening in fiction
you have a lost/dead loved one who you haven't spoken to in a long time, probably a grandmother or otherwise elderly
family member. you've been struggling to get something done and you finally do it, you finally get the code word or
the secret location or whatever and you're on your way there

before you finally reach your destination, though, before you reach the final conclusion, you get a vision of your
dead family member. like, say in front of their old house, long-since empty. they walk up to you, and though they
don't recognize you or call you by name they treat you lovingly anyway. they hug you, impart some advice, then walk
away. though you want to follow them, you press onward. you still have to finish, for yourself and for them.

(and anyway, even if you do turn to follow them they're already gone the moment they leave your vision.)
anyway woke up in tears for this reason

- Cecilia

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