The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

17th October 2020

had a dream i had unfortunately left two packets of sliced meats out for about a day past their expiration dates
and was like "damn."

then one of my friends was like "check out the new hotness" and it was like. lesbians specifically had gotten into
theming your electronics after how sexually active you were and they showed me an ipad that was pink and basically
all of the non-letter buttons on the keyboard were like, lesbian slang themed and it was legit kind of unusable
since you couldnt tell what half of the buttons were now. i was like, a bit baffled but was like "good for them",
and i wandered off to go help out on an animation that was chasing a tik tok trend or something.

a bit disjointed to say the least

- Luca

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