The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

19th October 2020

Had a fucked up dream involving us getting to watch a dude's Sonic/Avengers crossover fan film in a private theatre

Can't remember the plot beats but things I do remember:

- the theatre was filled with classroom desks and there was a little girl in a leather jacket and bandana who was
trying to sort everyone into correct desks after her mother asked people to move over

-they were just serving whole cakes at the theatre

-the film was a weird combination of Avengers (2012), Avengers (2020) and several other superheroes. Sonic was
not present but the whole thing was kinda sonic themed

-the 'director' was extremely aggressive about getting people to watch his movie.

the weirdest thing was that Sonic just, wasn't there

all I remember from the plot was like, in the opening The Avengers were training in a VR studio that mimicked a
bunch of battles. There was one of the big Leviathans from the movie that when vr was turned off was a helicarrier

also there were clones of the avengers??

there were 4 wolverines fighting together

- Sam

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