The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th October 2020

Had a legit fucked up dream that is funny in concept, but was genuinely distressing while having it and
waking up after it


A card game called Yugioh gets popular, but rather than being about fun monsters, it's played with the standard
French deck, you have to do heroin while playing, and if you lose you have to kill yourself

My mom's boyfriend played the game and lost. Now for some real world context he's been with my mom for like 8
years. You can guess how I react to father figure death based on my history.

This made me so genuinely distressed that I think I achieved some level of lucidity and changed the dream so
I'd be able to save him

I then woke up, fell asleep again and had a dream where I was still in high school and wanted to go to the mall
after class but I then also achieved lucidity before waking up because
I realized that "wait I'm not in high school anymore"

- Sam

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