The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

2nd November 2020

had a weird dream last night where i was going to a school run by a lady who was basically broke and addicted
to drugs, but she seemed nice so we stuck with her. there was another school that was more properly like a
school and also had teachers that were weird monsters but nice weird monsters but the principle was was a horrid
controlling lady who screams at people when they get things wrong. i went to the other school for a project thing
and it was too awkward to talk to anyway

and then the broke lady sold her school and was gonna move away and so me and the 2 other students who she
taught we decided to come with her and help her move and we also did the whole walk on foot for some reason

and then idk it cut to some setup footage about a place that was totally invaded by geese and all the power
rangers were there and then i woke up so i guess i just dreamt up the strangest movie plot

- Pearl

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