The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

29th November 2020

had a comprehensible but disjointed dream that i woke up from vaguely distressed.
elements include:

-taking a passport photo and realising my face looks Different in a way that means i dont recognise myself

-going to a store where they were selling lots of random items and stealing like 2 marshmallows from
an open container

-trying to phone someone but somebody else picks up instead and is speaking so
quietly and garbled i can barely understand them

-going on a pleasant walk but nearly getting a whole tree dropped on me by tree surgeons

-having to make my way to a train station in an oddly laid out city

-catching a hamster that has gotten out from its cage and trying to discourage
it from eating too many raspberries

-said hamster just dropping pieces of raspberry out of its mouth while i try to
carry it to its cage

-a vague but overwhelming sense of grief

-somebody drawing the hamster in Viceroy Bubbles Von Salamancer's outfit

there were more elements they were just primarily "my brain put a rotating cast of like every person i know
irl in this dream and kept swapping them out like they filled the same general archetypes" which hmm

- Luca

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