The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

29th November 2020

Also had a dream that was very patchwork

Things include:

- Going for a walk and talking to a guy who I've seen in my dreams before. He also walks a similar path to
me but it diverges. He looks like Chadwick Bozeman (RIP)

- My school fashion teacher having bought and renovated a new house that we were helping with, but there
were no stairs only tubes you had to jump down and you also had to wear clothes from the 19th century

- Explaining the plot of the Basket Case film series while undressing on my lawn in front of my friends

- Some sort of Puzzle Platformer about escaping a place (I could not describe it the closest parallel would
be Aperture Science but liveable) One level involved you playing with a group of 3 swappable characters.
Being Dave Strider (Homestuck), Stelsa Sezyat (Hiveswap) and Lynne (My own character)

I distinctly remember that the game level had a bullshit final jump

- Sam

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