The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

13th December 2020

had 2 dreams

1. new fire emblem game except it plays like a story-heavy skyrim-witcher open world game. and also marth and
his whole family are blue cat furries. you play as one of marth's family members, also a blue cat. you got a cool
sword that was very ornate and golden and was shaped like a katana except one edge was heavily serrated

2. played allegedly mario party 3 except the main board (themed after the star kingdoms from the rpg mario
games. like glowy and sparkly and shit) was kinda small but with an overly long dark half meant to waste your
time and punish you if you missed a controller input that was called the "business district" and was a series
of dingy streets with SOME rewards on some paths but mostly just ate your dice rolls before spitting you back out at
the start. notably susie from kirby, kicks from animal crossing and zacharie from off were in this part of the board.

i also had like a third dream i think but its hazy as fuck and all i recall was a vague sense of terror.
i think some shit abt having a killer in my home but like, semi-voluntarily. idk maybe thats who i was
playing these weird fucking games with

- Luca

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