The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

20th December 2020

dreams gave me another strange movie plot today. almost felt like a family movie until the end
so i dont remember why but we were all staying in this really fancy hotel, and i was participating in this sort of larping thing where i think we were all wings of fire dragons??
or at least dragons. while in the larp we all literally appeared as the dragons instead of people

anyway a bunch of seawings had to take me and a few other dragons deep into the ocean under packed ice in order to get us to some island.
we swam until we could make it to the first big floe we could find to rest, and we all took a break from the larp.

i was trying to find a quick way back to the larp when break was over (apparantly i had ender pearls on my phone which could just teleport me anywhere i wanted)
and i accidently overheard two other participents were planning on poisoning the actual runner of the larp? like in real life

and i was like "oh FUCK" and spent like 20 minutes trying to navigate my way back to my hotel room so i could tell my mum and warn the larp dude.
i dont know why i didnt think to use my ender pearls

i made it there and tried to phone the larp place but the guy on the other end wasn't taking me seriously and i realized that it had been so long that he was probably already dead

and then i woke up

- Pearl

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