The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

29th December 2020

had a dream i was on a very "this is how cinema thinks british trains are" train and my dad was being a Lovable Scamp and befriending strangers as he is known to do
mid train journey i got off and wandered around a hedgemazy garden filled with plants that did love to sting you and be poisonous that lead to a field of long yellow grass
on a steep incline that allowed you to see there was a big eye cut into the long grass cropcircle style.

I was panicked not by the eye but by the steepness of the valley i could see when looking over the drystone walls on either side.
Everything was steep like hills but had the foliage colours (red, orange, brown, yellow) of a moor.

then i got back on the train and talked to a girl who liked pokemon

- Luca

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