The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd January 2021

had a somewhat disjointed dream (i slept like absolute shit bc i kept waking up every 2 hours to so i actually had like 3 dreams but only one was coherent enough to recall)

the conceit was one of my irl friends that im not too close to invited me to some escape room/online roleplay thing that happened to utilise minecraft as a convenient place to make an Online World for this thing.
They invited 2 of their online friends (these two are wholly my brains creation).
One was a kind of scatterbrained nice girl with a highish voice over VC, and the other was this girl who had a very masculine voice and presented very punkish both irl and online.
her username was just a proper noun. a very normal name but i cant remember what.
We hit it off and started discussing other projects during the cooldown from finishing the Activity and resolved to actually stay in touch.

of the other like. even more disjointed dreams i recall a few things:
- going to lidl and they've decided to support nonbinary people by changing seemingly random product names to be weirdly infantilising
- one of my distant aunts turned out to be on the board of directors at quotev
- i tried to take a picture of a cool landscape but my phone camera was stuck on one of those modes where it mirrors one side of the image like a kaleidoscope

- Luca

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