The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

27th January 2021

Had a dream and it legit made a more interesting avengers movie plot
It was clearly my brain taking in all media I had consumed recently and fusing it into, something

But like, it was combining the Hyper-Reality of WandaVision and already wack dream logic into something fucked up
I couldn't tell you the plot because it was that scattershot but it seemed to amount to The Avengers breaking into spider-man's apartment while their costumes shift.
(Star-Lord in an iron man costume, carrying Captain America's shield with the middle star replaced with a white handprint.
A Nathan Fillion-looking guy swapping between costumes for Vision and Wonder Man. Scarlet Witch and Black Widow seem to have fused into one)

But the most fucked up thing was a villain design I seem to have pulled from the depths of my Hell-Mind
Some old guy with a punk style. Long black and red jacket with Fur collar. Thinning hair on the sides and a Mohawk on top. Some sort of Loki-esque headpiece
But the most fucked thing
His forehead was just, elongated

He also name dropped Edward Elric
Like I said I think my brain was just firing all cylinders at once

anyways this was the 2nd dream I had
the first was about me being on a plane and a weird sub plot about PCP being circulated on the plane

- Sam

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