The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

29th January 2021

Had a dream I was gonna be helping supervise a game of basketball in a school (fictional for purposes of dream) I was In.
I made friends with the student doing the photography and we complained how there isn't enough funny interpersonal drama in our basketball team.
No epic highs and lows of highschool basketball.
We hung out and took silly photos.

I wandered around the court (which was a pool?), And picked up a box. A set of girls walked in and were arguing extremely viciously about having dirt to cancel each other online.
They completely ignore me despite arguing while right next to me. I open the box. It's a board game based on lucky star.
It's in Japanese so I can't read it but it comes with like 50 dice with cute sanrio animals instead of numbers. I pocket them.
It also comes with a free code for a Ubisoft Petz MMO. The argument is getting way too heated and I wander off with my cool dice.

- Luca

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