The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

18th February 2021

had a dream i was with 2 other people in a house and that scary eldritch garfield was looking for us and coming to get us.
at least one of those people was jon arbuckle. anyway jon leads us into the closet to hide and i realize that we're sitting ducks
so i start looking around and i end up pushing up a square of the ceiling and we get into the walls. the insulation was prickly but we managed.

there was like a secret apartment up there, and logistically im not sure how jon didnt know about it.
also, garfield was a real huge nerd, so there were shelves that were filled with like. pokemon merch. n childrens books.

anyway that hidden loft apartment had explosives for some reason so jon grabbed some matches n we all started running around lighting every one.
at one point i considered grabbing a pokemon book for the road, but then i saw the title was too long to be right so i didnt touch it.

there was an exit point where we could get back into the main apartment so after hearing garfield actually get into the closet we'd been hiding in (we put the ceiling tile back in place)
we all snuck back down and to the stairs (?) which were there.

the apartment was implied to be in a basement.
and i woke up with a pounding heart and the dryest mouth in the world.

im really glad my nightmares recognize im smart now its much better than consistently being put in inescapable horrible situations

OH ALSO. before that i was in a house. there were 3 enemies there (i think all animatronics, one kept biting me on the arm when he (he/him) caught me and i had to start over).
i triggered some sort of event and portals appeared all over the house and this was the kitchen portal.
the house had 3 floors
the portals were green and swirled

map of apartment (hidden rooms omitted)

there was a really long really squat bookshelf in the second room. also by the door to the hallway to the closet there was a computer desk w/ a computer on it and thats where we encountered jon
i think it was a mac. which scans.

the closet had one (1) clothing rack and unfinished walls/ceiling. wood paneling.

- Cecilia

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