The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

23rd February 2021

Had a dream that in order to stop some arbitrary ticking clock "villains will do thing" we had to lower the temperature in a big ol' house. This was basically left to a random woman and also... Severus Snape?
The way they were lowering the temperature was by filling the washing machine with ice cubes and continuously putting it on.

I was primarily left to stop Snape's pet rat from being killed, which meant I kept having to chase it down and grab it and put it back just.... In a bedroom?
I kept being like "If he could uh, real quick take a break from gathering ice to secure his rat that would help a lot" but he never did.

Also in this room I found a cardboard box of cooked and poorly shredded meat which I picked through like
"these are all from species of animal you all absolutely shouldn't eat. God damnit why can't I have a normal snack" then the rat escaped again

Notably. The rat was half the size of a housecat and had a loop permanently in its tail

- Luca

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