The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

28th February 2021

had 2 unrelated dreams
1. a simpsons episode (in the context of the dream this was an old episode that had been absorbed into the cultural miasma long ago) where there is a fire at the school and lisa,
with the help of bart, tricks everyone into thinking she's dead, just for a bit, in a bid to get them to appreciate her more.
the characters are genuinely distraught but react more with anger and reprimand her when they find out this bid was intentional.
overall was just genuinely upsetting since it was clear lisa was desperate for any validation of worth.

2. i got duped by a digimon capsule toy machine at a mall-type place, as when i put 20p in to get a funny capsule toy it proceeded to print me out a player id card,
and began to function like a japanese token arcade game. I did not know how to play and did not get any shitty little toy digimon.
Also it was low to the ground to the point where you had to crouch to be on eye level with it.

- Luca

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