The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

11th March 2021

Had 4 unrelatedish dreams:
1: Tried to get Sam to play sm64.

2: Bought a shitty vinyl record from Dean Winchester then Trespassed in a movie set with him. Harrassed some guys whos claim to fame were that they were motion capture actors for monsters from Harry potter.
Dean Winchester tried to bluff to a businessman and we got caught. I was just trying to get a sandwich the whole time

3: hung out with sonic characters in a park. Primarily Amy. It was a 'these r aliens a la sonic x' situation

4. They added a baby ender dragon to Minecraft that could move between the overworld and end dimensions and if you destroyed the end portal it would get visibly sad

5....? In one of these dreams, with one of the aforementioned characters, we watched a clip of the Teletubbies spelling out "MALICE" in big inflatable letters, and all saying it in unison
Should be noted im experiencing symptoms of illness rn


extra details now i am not on a phone

1. the game kept spawning us in wet dry world like some kind of creepypasta, which is why we gave up on playing

2. i ended u buying the shitty (see: physically warped and scratched) vinyl record because i felt bad for dean winchester, as i actually only went into his shop to buy food.
he dug a skip track groove into the record before handing it to me and said hed been trying to sell it for a decade. (the record was, i believe, somehow a video-vinyl of supernatural episodes).
he handed me like, a pie crust and half a drink for food and then we went to this set.
the set was mostly boarded off, but there was a place you could get a good look at it, and it was like. a fucking to-scale city made of origami and paper-lantern material. genuinely kinda baller.
i met a few friends there and tried to get us out before dean winchester could implicate us and get us arrested (we got arrested.).
also i stole someone's hoodie because they were keeping the wifi password for the place stitched into the inside of their sleeve?

3. we were walking through the park making vague attempts to slightly hide them but not really.
we let them play in the river since i suppose that was their want. in retrospect i think the teletubby thing happened with amy.

4. they also added an enderman with a circular head and eyes who was characterised as just very stupid. i spawned one in and let him roam.
my cringe-brain got the portals wrong so the cute new structure that spawned in when you had a baby enderdragon,
a cute dome-like house made of bone and obsidian, did have nether portals as accents instead of end portals.
the baby ender dragon was basically what youd expect but with some grey accents on the body and big eye textures that could animate to show it was sad

i DID wake up at least once last night like "oof ouch owww my body is cramping" so like. this is absolutely the result of waking up several times during the night

- Luca

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