The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

16th March 2021

had a dream that a pokemon game had you hocking balls at pokemon in the overworld (which... legends arceus i suppose),
and i was watching a video of a shiny hunter who had been taken a little off guard by how quickly a shiny latias turned up, and like, threw his trainer at the thing,
tackling it to the ground and wailing on it just with their own human fists. They managed to catch it.

I evidently watched a few more of this hypothetical guys videos since he was also "shiny hunting" in a game that was.... basically the last of us? if not a direct tlou sequel.
The character models of your protag and deuterag were slightly randomised each time, with apparently one specific roll being what the community had designated as "shiny".
no i do not know what a shiny human would constitute.

anyway in the fiction of the dream i was watching these vids while fucking about in a forest at night trying to take photos of various animals since i'd been tasked with that.
however, looking back, all of said animals were more than a little eldritch in nature. though in the dream i was totally nonchalant abt the whole thing

- Luca

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