The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

18th March 2021

Oh yeah I actually had a dream about playing Slender: The Arrival
It amounted to them like, making the game better but also adding a bunch more weird shit

1. They removed the head bobbing while walking and made the entire starting area way shorter
2. Near the house at the start they added a small area off to the side that was fenced off but still accessible which had a corpse of a dude, this also had the first Slenderman spawn area
3. They added a minimap that showed your surroundings and where all creatures were, including Slenderman
4. When you went into the house they had like, a radio playing a local politician asking that everyone lock their doors
5. I was playing it on stream for you guys, and idk where this came from whether it was implied in game but Luca you made a comment about how
the player character was just a physically strong woman and could take Slenderman down
6: there was a Slenderman jump scare that was like, a 2D black/white drawing that was still in this 3D game?

- Sam

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