The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

20th March 2021

buckle up i had a weirdly coherent dream
so in the dream i was just like, doin normal shit. browsin da web.
so i log on to toy house dot se, and i see that i have a resolved ticket.
turns out, this ticket was from 2 years ago, and was in fact, filed against me.

so the ticket begins with this user reporting specifically tabitha for being "inconsistent with lore", and they link as evidence,
some fallout concept art explaining the specific blood colours of the specific animals in fallout (eg. buffalo having like. lemon yellow blood),
due to radiation and whatnot. So they're reporting Tabitha (notably, with the old Refs from 2016 that i never uploaded to toyhouse that use the bright fucking cyan i used to use for blue blood),
for like, not working in fallout's lore.

and im like, ok this is kinda funny, this guy is just off in his own head. thisll be funny to tell my friends abt.
and then his like, actual motive is kind of betrayed, as the second half of the ticket is basically like, complimenting me on my art and worldbuilding(?),
BUT decrying the way i used it. specifically i remember the actually hysterical wording of like

"I'm disappointed, because while I'm interested to see where this character's story goes,
it's always a shame when talented artists like this waste it on drawing nothing but skinny boobboys who kiss."

which like. well i dont think boobboy applies to tabitha, but at this point in the dream i was fuckin losing it a lil.
so i scroll down and there's an automated response like, reminding the user who filed it like, what the actual rules are, and then he responds with something else.
and then the ticket seems to almost become an open forum? like seemingly other past mods talk for a couple posts about unrelated shit,
which eventually devolves into an argument about homestuck being good, actually, complete with image embeds,
until one mod literally goes "wait what the fuck was this ticket about? wait its 2 years old? wtf"

and like. closes the thread, causing it to be sent to me finally.

so like. that was a lot
and then i like, came in here, in the dream to send it to u guys
and had to join a call like "guys please pause your activities" (you were watching sonic boom as a group? you were all actually kinda reluctant to pause it. its a good show),
so i could send u screenshots from this shit
then i woke up because like, i think the ridiculousness pulled me out of it

- Luca

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