The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

21st March 2021

i had 2 distinct dreams

1. new homestuck projects revealed
one was in the hiveswap(?) universe, introduced several new trolls, and was in the vast error artstyle. it followed some trolls who got trapped in a haunted house pocket dimension and had to escape, and they did!
pretty quickly, but when they escaped thru the mirror-portal on a gravestone that pullled them into the house in the first place,
they realised the gravestone had updated to be the guy they had just left in there*. So they all felt bad and resolved to go back in to save him even though he was a stranger.
said guy had the like, personality of luigi mario.

the other was what homestuck2 became after hussie locked it away. namely, its style and medium and artist changed every few panels, completely.
im talking digital art, traditional art, and most notably, a guy doing a combo of lego stop motion and lego puppeteering that somehow introduced sonic the hedgehog to the plot.
during the puppeteering segment the guys little brother (like, 8) kept complaining abt how shit this was, but in the child way where it was bc it was boring because it was about characters he didnt care about.
sam and I, however, watching this, were extremely invested and were annoyed at the kid because it was actually genuinely ballin.

2. my cat kept running into things that set it on fire no matter how much i fucking put the bastard out with water and put him as far away from all the fireplaces and put the fireplaces out.
the little fucker just kept doing it somehow. it was not on purpose as far as i could tell

*i really like the idea of the gravestone updating to whoever u didnt save as if to shame you
like it was literally in the middle of a field in the middle of the day (oops! alternia lore. cringe fail)
so it wasnt even in a scary graveyard
the gravestone looked like this and whoever you left in there would show up school photo style on the big convex mirror

- Luca

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