The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

27th March 2021

ok so im gonna try and get this dream straight.
so it starts and im in school(?) doing a set of 25 tasks that are basically puzzles that are left over from the previous week.
Its group work and the rest of my group does hate me for fucking things up on accident literally with clumsiness rather than like, logical error or anything.
But i have one person who im working with whos my friend.
This nameless friend (the dream never gave him one) was just like. i guess my best friend of several years in this dream. this skinny whiteboy mcbrownhair dude.

we finish the work, some teachers talk to me as if theyre pitying me, and friend mcwhiteboy goes like "hey cool i wanna show you a cool place".
so like, this guy can drive, i guess, and en route to driving to this place we see a whole tiger, and he stops the car like.
"Oh yeah these guys are super fucked up animals. they're faunovores. which means they specifically target the adolescents of other large predators"
and sure enough this tiger like, attacks and kills a barely-adult bear. and its like. wow fucked up, lets keep driving.

so we drive through a kinda. mayan-ass village. like it may have legit been ruins, and get to a horrifically thin bit of road turning around and up, that has a sheer drop on one side.
we stop there under the shade of evergreens (i think pine), and this sheer drop is only maybe 7foot. there is a rendition of Poseidon's head carved into the rock face adjacent to this drop.
He encourages me to hop down, since there's a cave exit like 2 steps away down this drop where the rock becomes white and chalky,
so I put my hand on the poseidon's face as i slide down the part that would let my short ass down easiest. He makes some delighted remark about how that mirrors something from actual mythology.

I head through this cave exit, since it looks to be bright beach on the other side, and am brought into a marble office with actual Poseidon in it

So actual poseidon is chillin in there, sat in a bathtub like some kind of mermaid au fanfic, with like 2 secretaries milling about who looked like pixies,
and im like "oh sorry sir i was not intending to intrude i did just mean to go to the beach"
and he was like "its aight dont worry."

so i walk on through an exit somewhere in this office and exit into a very uk midlands town. i know this because dream me goes "huh this looks like a uk midlands town."
since i HAD just seen a tiger that kills bears and also poseidon, why would i be in the UK.

So i walk around. Connor is there but mostly just in passing like he was out doing shit we just said hi. Whiteboy is still with me even though he didnt follow me through the cavehole.
and we go into what seems to be a used games store combined with a hotel. non-euclidean dream shit.

then, while in there, everything starts flooding. Im somehow still in contact with poseidons secretaries and theyre like "i dont see what the problem is uwu" so i go, aight we should probably get out of here then.

Everyone starts leaving their rooms so its super crowded, and i manage to run into my parents before I do whiteboy.
So i'm like yelling for him to try find him (he had a name! i just dont know it after waking up! i think i was even yelling his username or some shit), and i can hear him proper screaming for me.
Like he sounds to be in actual distress.

So i find him, still yelling, and im like "dude im right here, dude wtf cant you hear me yelling for you?" and i put a hand on his shoulder and turn him around and his face is just Gone.
Like it's just skin. And i realise, oh god he doesn't have any senses besides touch. He cant see or hear. I have no way of communicating to him that he's safe.

My parents react like. "Yeah, that's a rough one. Honestly, what is it with gods and their karmic punishment being so overblown. he just had hubris thats all jeez."

So i'm fucking shaken by this.
I think by this point he had kind of clocked that I was holding him so he had stopped yelling (He also had no mouth so idk how he was doin that but),
and I try and make my way out of the flooding game store so we can get to higher ground.

Then the like, game store owner is just. completely unaware the flood is going on. does not seem to be bothering him,
and hes complaining abt how much space n64 game boxes are taking up. and im like, panicked, still, and im just like "uhhhh i can take some off your hands if that would. help."

and he like, takes this as an invitation to just full on rant about how much fucking space rockband and guitar hero style games take up and how nobody buys them.
and im like uh huh i have a faceless boy with me. i can take some boxes pls let me leave.
And he does just keep complaining about rockband.

and then i woke up

so like. kind of a lot
kinda dont know what to make of it
hope whiteboys ok
like i dont think it was Poseidon who cursed him think it was straight up a diff god
or like, the fae
idk i left him alone for 30 seconds to look at games and his face was gone it be like that

- Luca

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