The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

27th March 2021

hi had a dream my character dillon was in little nightmares to and so was naomi and he threw her under the bus a bit at first but she survived
and by the end he was helping her excape the 2 monsters n they were laughing and making plans and :pleading:

these 2 characters have never spoken before so i dont know where it came from but im glad theyre friends n care about each other

at the end as they were running naomi asked him if he liked cereal n they started talking abt what theyd eat when they were safe which.

i know now for a fact re: the monsters that they Were Not From The Game.
i just kind of assumed they were? like while i was asleep and also at 5 am?
but no the 2 monsters were like. definitely not in the game. maybe a combination of a few from the game but

setting was a house with 2 floors, one was up top one was down at the bottom, and both were watching tv. at random intervals theyd get up from their shitty lil sofa chairs and grab a shotgun and fucken Go For You

i think they were husband and wife tho thats just what my brain gave me. wife was on the second floor husband was on the first. they were also very elderly.
also the husband refused to enter the downstairs bathroom. he never tried but i know this somehow bc the downstairs bathroom was like....much different tonally to the rest of the house lmao
but yea

Note: the first half of this dream was written specifically to naomi's creator

- Cecilia

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