The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

1st April 2021

had a strange as hell dream last night
i was having a race with some friends from another server, as a 2 v 1, them vs me.
the races had a boss battle on either side close to the end designed by the opposite people,
and the boss battle i got was a train with giant eyes on the side that never started the boss battle,
just kept talking to you, so i lost because i was waiting for the battle to start
the one i designed was like, an incredibly long cave full of nothing but ads that slowed you down like crazy
instead of a battle it was just designed to make you waste time
also i had these digital pet fish i was totally convinced were real despite them being on the DS until the game said
"cool! they died, wanna get some more?" after the first week and i was so so sad

- Pearl

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