The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

2nd April 2021

Had a dream that was so scattershot with its random selection of Fictional Characters that I can only describe it as "Agent 47 goes to an Anime Convention"
Points I remember:
- Agent 47 dressing up in a guard outfit with a skull mask and everyone being cool with him waving his gun around
- Agent 47 killing Mr. Burns and Bart, but being unable to kill Homer due to his skull being too thick
- a Pokemon battle outside the building (some sort of Hotel?) between some Homestuck Trolls and Furries. I'm p sure the Trolls won
- There being a funeral procession carrying an Open Casket with a Dead King in it? 47 stole a dagger that was in the casket
- 47 having to walk up a very tight concrete spiral staircase that got smaller every floor. He got stuck before he reached the 3rd floor

- Sam

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