The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

11th April 2021

Had a dream that specifically threw me a concept for a last avatar stage in forces to fix infinites utter disappearance from the story
Like it wasn't much but it was just like
Cutscene with infinite looking out over the final level, (dream inconsistencies made the phantom ruby be replaced with an apparently sentient opal orb.
Couldn't talk but the camera implies it has conflicting emotions to infinite), then he shakes off fear,
leaps off the building he's on and the level is one of those ones where he's changing the level as you go but this time he's helping you.
THEN he leaves of his own volition and is not seen again

Anyway during the call where this was being streamed Adam specifically was explaining why the 20 page epilogues Dostoevsky wrote just before he died suck and ruin a lot of his work in retrospect (????)

- Luca

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